Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chicken Salad on a Diet!

Some of you already know this, but a bunch of folks at our office are competing in our own version of the Biggest Loser. We started about a month ago and have one more month to go! The person who loses the most percentage of body weight gets all of the losers at their house for a half day to do whatever needs to be done. I do NOT want to lose because I have heard some of them mention painting, weed pulling, cleaning, etc.
I hope having my Hubby in the same competition will give us a better advantage. If I do not win, he BETTER! I really like this version because no one really loses anything but weight if they tried to win. At least no one loses money. Wish me luck!
While on this diet, I have really had to be creative with my food choices. I can not get bored! I found a new way at the grocery store the other night to have something I love...Chicken Salad! I bought these "Flatout" wraps. They are low calorie and loaded with fiber (big bonus).
I bought some canned chicken (70 or 80 calories per serving).

I Mixed the chicken with some of this Mayo with Olive Oil (64 calories per serving).

Once I mixed it up, I added some pepper and wrapped it up. You could add lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, etc. It was really good. The wrap I ate was 224 calories with 9+ grams of fiber. I had made a pot of pinto beans the night before, so I ate 1/2 cup of those for an additional 122 calories. Not a bad lunch and all the fiber had me so full!

Do you have any ideas on making meals you love healthier? If so...SHARE!! I will certainly appreciate it.

Happy Cooking...thanks for looking!!!


Theresa said...

Sounds great! I love chicken salad. I have italian pot roast in the crock pot but you already know how to make that one:) Thanks for the recipe. LUM

Kelly said...

Hey, I might like to join in on something like that if you ever do it again. I've been really exercising and honestly, it's really, really hard to do both diet and exercise. My mind just can't take it.