Friday, February 11, 2011

My Beloved Soybean....It just isn't fair!

In my quest to lose a few pounds..or 15, I found these. They are Edamame (or soybeans). I like to get them in the shell because it takes longer to eat them and you get full faster with the fiber.
Well, there is a big fat but to these...and I don't mean mine. :o
They break me out. Have you ever heard of soy allergies? Well, .5% of those who eat soy products have soy allergies, or so I read online.
I was having breakouts on one side of my face that would not go away. I tried to eliminate the problem by changing my face cleaner, using different face cloths, changing my makeup...nothing helped...and I was not an acne prone teenager, so I knew it was something I was doing.
Finally, I searched online because my Aunt Cindy said something about Soy and hormones. I stopped eating them about a week ago and Voila! My skin is improving already.
I haven't mentioned eating Salmon and some other types of fish makes me feel like my throat is closing. So many of the foods I love are turning their backs on me. It just isn't fair! If this happens to chocolate, I'm not sure how I will handle it!
Anyhoo, along with my daily edamame, I was eating these.
These eggrolls are SINFUL and less than 150 calories each! You put them in the microwave and they get so crispy, unlike other microwaved foods. They actually have microwave as the recommended method. Try them! They are so good....and so far, not producing an allergic reaction!
Have a great day!!