Monday, May 3, 2010

Add Fiber to Your Diet!

Are you one of those "afternoon snackers"? I know I am. If not, what is your weakness? Are you an emotional snacker? How about boredome? I even snack when I haven't had enough sleep!
I have often heard that adding fiber to your diet really helps stave off hunger and makes you feel fuller longer. I have always heard that getting 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day helps with weight loss since fiber takes longer to digest.
I have tried many different types of fiber rich products. One of the products I have tried is the high fiber bars. I do not prefer those. They are loaded with sugar and do not seem to help keep me feeling full like they should.
My favorite item to eat that adds fiber to the diet is these tortillas. They have a whopping 12 grams of fiber. That is a lot of fiber in one serving and helps get me through the day. With 18 grams of carbs, the net carb count goes down to 6 since you subtract the fiber. That is a win win for blood sugar also!
Here is a recipe I found on the La Tortilla Factory website. They have many more. Check out their site for recipes and a list of stores where they are sold. What do you do with tortillas that is creative? Do you have any secret weapon that seems to get you through your "snack attacks"?

Recipe Card Cobb Salad Low Carb Wrap
Featured Recipe Product:

La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Low Carb Large Size Tortillas™
1 oz garlic & herb cream cheese
Romaine lettuce
1 oz fresh chopped tomatoes
1 oz black olives sliced
1 oz chopped bacon
½ oz crumbled blue cheese
3 slices avocado
3 oz sliced turkey
1.Spread cream cheese over entire tortilla.
2.Add one large leaf of Romaine lettuce.
3.Sprinkle chopped bacon over lettuce.
4.Top with chopped tomatoes, sliced olives and crumbled blue cheese.
5.Layer sliced avocado and turkey in the middle.
6.Roll tightly. Serve as Wrap sandwiches or cut into 1 inch thick pieces for a perfect party tray!
Happy Wrapping!
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Stephanie said...

holy moly, that's a lot of fiber! Salad wraps sound good though!

Theresa said...

Yummmmmmy... Me loves fiber:) Sounds delish!

suzanne said...

I read about those wraps in the Hungry Girl under 200 calories cookbook. If you don't have that, you should get it. It has some really great, different, easy recipes. She loves those wraps and makes tons of stuff with them. She also likes those vitatops muffins that only have 100 calories. They are good, but expensive. They have a LOT of fiber in them so they can... how should I say... upset your tummy a little :0(
Ha! Have a great day!

bodyhacker said...

Thanks for the great Cobb Salad Low Carb Wrap Recipe! We love the La Tortilla Factory wraps in our house too (actually most days we have at least 2 of these wraps).

These tortillas are really great because not only 80 Calories per wrap but they are cholesterol-free, contain no saturated fats, trans fat or hydrogenated oils. Therefore they are perfect for the health conscious and dieters (especially people who are following a low carbohydrate, low calorie and lower glycemic index foods – such as diabetics).

We actually use these wraps for all of our meals too – breakfast (egg burritos), lunch (all types of wraps such as turkey, veggie..etc) and dinner (pizzas) although they can be also used for snacks (you just have to get creative).

If you are interested, we list one of my favorite recipes (Italian Veggie Pizza) on our site. It a quick, easy, tasty and low calorie dinner! Only 195 cals if you use the La Tortilla Wrap and also low cal cheese (we use lifetime cheese).

Hope you like the recipe. Enjoy and thanks again for your tips!

VKT said...

There is an award for you on my blog.....woooohoooooo....go get it. I am going to have to try those wraps sweet lady! Thanks for sharing.